Thursday, March 12, 2009

So Glad I'm Not President

Most of you are probably pretty relieved I'm not the POTUS. Though I know Diva would love to be First Cat and, in fact, she may believe she is.

Today both of these news articles were on CNN. The first one: Democrats to Obama: Hurry up and fix the economy. The second one: Commentary: Slow down, Mr. President So what's a poor President supposed to do? Hurry up or slow down? Which is pretty typical for a President, I'm sure. You can't win because, no matter what you do, some people are going to think you should have done the exact opposite of what you did.


Cali said...

Our cat thinks he's "first cat" too. Ha ha, I just love cats.

Cali said...

Oh also I answered you back. :)

JohnnyB said...

I wouldn't mind you being POTUS. You make a lot more sense than many politicians and it would be cool to visit you and hang out at the White House. I heard that, as President, you can get whatever you want to eat there whenever you want it. I could be your Billy Carter - the press would find me sleeping in the Rose Garden after a night of over indulging in pie.

Verification word: "calionte" - not sure what it means but thought it was funny coming after two comments by Cali.

Cali said...

I think it must've come from the spanish word "caliente," which means 'hot.' A tough nickname to try and live down. :)

Mine's nizell - as in, foshizell my nizell.