Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thoughts on Twitter

I have a twitter account and you're welcome to follow me although be forewarned I don't tweet much. I follow about 40 people and enjoy reading what they have to say but don't have much compulsion to tweet through the day about my activities. If I did, it would look something like this:

SueBeeLV: Awake, headed for coffee
SueBeeLV: At work, trying to get motivated to work on employee evaluations
SueBeeLV: Headed to a meeting
SueBeeLV: Time for lunch
SueBeeLV: Wishing we had siesta time in America
SueBeeLV: Off to another meeting
SueBeeLV: One more eval and I'm done
SueBeeLV: Headed home
SueBeeLV: Playing some online scrabble
SueBeeLV: Relaxing with Diva, watching TV
SueBeeLV: Bedtime
While I'm not a frequent twitter, I don't resent that others enjoy tweeting throughout their day and I do often find the comments fun and interesting. I also like reading corporate tweets like Zappos and Starbucks and also learning about promotions.

What I do find curious is opposition to Twitter. After all, no one is forced to use the site and I don't see anything to be upset about. Some people like this woman seem overly concerned. Don't like it, don't use it. Or at least parody it in a funny way.

Speaking of parody, my other thought today was about how Twitter might be fun if you tweeted the classics. How about Ishmael, tweeting from the Pequod. Or Romeo tweeting about his romance with Juliet. If I were a high school teacher I think I'd make my students twitter the classics.


JohnnyB said...

A similar, though more specific, idea

Susan said...

Very clever.