Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Which Is It?

Obama ahead by 15 points or 3 to 6 point difference or Dead Heat

I seriously wish pollsters would go away and let us vote. And, for that matter, I wish we could vote today. I can't understand how anyone could be conflicted between McCain and Obama. Read their stands on the issues important to you and you'll know which one you want to vote for. Seriously!

P.S. Anyone who backed Clinton and has decided to now vote for McCain: You just shouldn't vote because you're not old enough - you're still living in Junior High.

UPDATED: A Republican who shall remain namebrianless explained to me that he is conflicted because he agrees more with Obama on the issues but isn't sure he wants to vote for a Democrat. I suppose I can understand that. But I told him to move into the 21st century and vote the man, not the party. No indication yet whether he'll listen.


Anonymous said...

Your jr high comment is right on the money! Everytime I hear them I think "What?!?!???"

Anonymous said...

That was me.