Monday, July 7, 2008

The Duck's Bed

I often have occasion to miss Jenny's Mondegreens but I haven't contributed lately and so I understand how it's been allowed to go fallow. I posted there about the Duck's Bed in 2004. I had another radio mondegreen today on the way to work. The announcer said we'd be hearing the story of the anniversary of "a tax that killed several people" which made me wonder how taxing people could kill. As the story continued, I quickly realized it was about the anniversary of "attacks that killed" and that made more sense. Not that attacking and killing every really makes sense.

P.S. In my 2004 entry I pondered whether my entry was a real mondegreen and today I can't figure out why I ever thought it wasn't. It was classic mondegreen even if not a lyric because I don't agree a mondegreen has to be in a song.

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Jenny said...

aaaah, mondegreens.