Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Old Homestead

This is where I lived from the time I was 13 until I went to college. You may have to maneuver the image some - our house was the little white one.

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I came home from college the summer of my freshmen year but then I don't think I ever really lived at home again and my mom sold this house when I was junior in college. I don't feel attached to any particular childhood home since I lived in 6 different houses while growing up. I did like this neighborhood the best though, and though it looks narrow and tiny here, as I remember it, this was the nicest house we lived in.

Mostly I liked my neighborhood buddies. One girl my age next door and another one next to her. Another girl a couple years older lived up the block. She's the one who taught us to tease our hair and wanted to teach us to smoke. She got pregnant at the end of her senior year and was the first friend I knew with a child. Two cute boys lived on the corner. BFD lived in the better neighborhood and she would meet me half way when I was coming to visit her and we'd walk back to her house. I tried to walk there using google street but got confused at the intersection - really just got bored making the little person walk. Besides, once I was 16 I drove over there.

** not sure why the little map doesn't work but you can click the link to see the street view. UPDATE: It now seems to be working occassionally.

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JohnnyB said...

Hey, I think I used to live there too!