Friday, July 25, 2008

WTF America!

Right now I am mad at America. If you watch SYTYCD, beware, SPOILER coming.

I mean it, don't read if you don't want to know.

I can not believe hewhowillbenamedinthecomments got kicked off last night. What is wrong with you, America? Yes I know at this point they are all pretty good dancers and they are all nice boys you'd be happy to have over for dinner but, COME ON. Mark and Joshua are just not as good as Will and Twitch. And if I have to watch one more week of Joshua sweating like a rainforest, I don't know if I can take it. Yeah, yeah, I know he can't help it and I'm sure dancing is hard work, but still, EWWW!

Anyway, America, you blew it last night and you won't have hewhowillbenamedinthecomments to kick around. I know, I know, you thought he was so good he'd win by a landslide and so you voted for one of the other cute boys. Next time pay attention and vote for the best.


Susan said...

Will. Yes, I know you can't believe it either, but America kicked Will off the dance floor last night. Stupid America!

Cali said...

You are so nice! Thanks for the comment. I have not watched this show much but it sounds like I should start! :)

T said...

Yet another one of the shows that T's girlfriend forces him to watch. At least this one is tolerable.

Everyone was surprised that Will got kicked off. Nobody more so than Mark.

I was mildly shocked, but I picked Joshua from the beginning so as long as he is in it, I'm looking smart.