Friday, July 18, 2008

Please, Mr. Postman

Look and see, is that package really for me?

Two weeks ago I opened my mailbox to find a small package. I was on my way out to the store and I idly opened the package as I walked to the car. Surprise, surprise, there were 4 bottles of prescription medicine. A little belatedly, I looked at the address. The package did not have my name on it and I didn't recognize the name that was there. The house number was the same as mine but the street it belonged on is 1 block east of me. So, I hopped in the car and delivered the package to the correct house. The man who answered the door was happy to have his medicine.

Yesterday, I opened my mailbox and found another small package. This time I looked at the addressee before ripping the package open; I'm a quick learner. The address was mine but the name on the package was not mine. It wasn't a name I recognized as being one of my neighbors either. I couldn't put the package in the outgoing mail because that slot isn't big enough. I don't want the person to miss out on their mail so I guess I'll mark it return to sender and drop it at the post office so the sender can figure out the correct address.

Maybe next week the mail in my mailbox will really be for me!

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