Monday, May 18, 2009


A: Angels and Demons: For the first time in a very long time, I went to see a movie in the theater. This used to be a regular weekend event for my BFF in Nevada, Cheryl, and me but we lapsed about 3 years ago. The movie was action packed and a good choice for the big screen experience. We were shocked at how expensive the matinee has gotten though. Even so, we had a great time and decided this summer will be big screen summer for us.

B: Bank innovations: I stopped at the ATM this morning to deposit a check. A rare occasion for me due to automatic deposit and inter bank transfer. Our ATM has a new feature that allows you to put the check in a scanner. No envelope needed. The machine couldn't read the amount on my check which was hand written but typically can. Since the amount wasn't clear, I just had to type it in and verify it. Easy, breezy.

C: Coffee: It is now officially ice coffee season in Las Vegas. The temperature hit 100 degrees this past weekend and that is just too hot to drink hot coffee. Though co-worker Brian and I typically walk across the campus to get coffee, iced coffee is about $1 more than hot coffee* and so we're attempting to make our own to save $5 a week (more money for penny slots). Brian will bring the shots and milk and I'll bring the ice. I know, it looks like I got off easy but, believe me, Brian will calculate the value of the coffee and bill me. But it will be cheaper than Starbucks so I think it will be fine.

*the iced is more expensive because I insist on espresso for iced coffee. I like it strong and the ice waters down regular coffee too much.

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Cali said...

I think McDonald's just got some new iced coffee drinks, they might be cheaper than starbucks, but probably not cheaper than ice! :)