Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Technology Puzzle

The wireless router at my house has been flaky for some time. Debra complains about it every time she visits. Since I seem to be able to steal connectivity from some one in my neighborhood, I've put off fixing the problem. My router worked sporadically so just wasn't motivated to do anything about it. When I got a new laptop from work, I decided I should also get a new router and stop fussing around with the problem.

Imagine my surprise when the new router didn't fix the problem. I decided that maybe it was my provider and that made me mad that I hadn't called in about the problem sooner. Because I knew the technicians would make me reboot the modem and router and connect, I moved my computer into the bedroom where the modem is. As I got ready to call, I decided to check all the connections one more time. That is when I noticed I had splitter cable coming off of the the main cable. It was there because there used to be a TV in the room along with the modem. Since the TV is gone, the splitter isn't needed anymore so I removed the extra cabling and hooked everything back up.

Now my new router seems to be working perfectly. I guess the old one would work too. Oh well. At least now I have a secure router installed. My old one was open to the world.

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Anonymous said...

The up side to all this is you saved yourself the hassle of waiting around for a cable appointment because you knew how to take care of the problem yourself. I'm impressed! Bravo!