Monday, May 18, 2009

Coming Soon

I enjoy the preview part of going to the movies. Which is funny because when I rent a movie I skip all the previews.
This weekend, my trip to the theater was full of previews that made me aware of a few movies I'd like to see.

Public Enemies
has Johnny Depp playing John Dillinger. Good old time shoot 'em up that will be action packed. Timely too since (according to reviews) the public liked that fact that Dillinger was going after the evil banks that had plunged the country into a depression. Oh and did I mention it has Johnny Depp in it?

Julie and Julia
. BFD will love this movie I'm sure. Julia Child is her hero. I think this will involve a summer trip to L.A. so we can see it together. And then maybe she'll cook for me.

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3. I never saw the original so I'll have to rent it to watch before going to see this remake. John Travolta is the bad guy and he makes such a great bad guy (see Pulp Fiction). Denzel is the good guy and, while he also makes a great bad guy (see Training Day), he makes a great good guy too.

It all makes for a great summer movie season.

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