Friday, May 29, 2009


via my favorite daughter


JohnnyB said...

I get an error when I try to play it

verification word: "distsz"
a group of dyslexic ditzes

Susan said...

Strange it runs for me. But you can also see it on Deb's facebook.

dad said...

Amusing. But it's clearly a fallacy to imply that, because former customs in one culture were bad, that, therefore, other customs in other cultures must be bad.

In California members of "domestic partnerships" have much the same legal rights (except for child support) as married couples. So it seems to me the protest is not about rights but about labels.

Susan said...

It isn't just 'other cultures'. Our culture denied women the right to vote. That was a tradition which changed. We denied interracial couples the right to marry. I guess that was tradition as well. Now the culture wants to deny same sex couples the right to marry. I don't buy tradition as a reason to continue that bad behavior.

I do believe the argument is about rights. A person's right to enjoy ALL the same benefits with whatever partner they chose to marry or that they chose to form a domestic partnership with.

Ultimately I believe we should turn the marriage issue over to religion and then I don't care which marriages they a church chooses to sanctify. If the state would get completely out of the marriage business, I'd be okay with that. But as long as the state is creating marriage I think everyone should be equal under the law.