Thursday, September 4, 2008

62 More Days

It's hard to find a lot to blog about when everywhere you turn you see Tina Fey* Sarah Palin on the news. I've decided not to pick on Sarah because the media is doing such a good job. I do have to say to my friends, the Republicans, it's going bad when you have to blame the media for all your problems. Hillary tried it and it didn't get her anywhere either.

In other news, some would question my use of blog as a verb. They tell me I post on a blog. But posting just doesn't sound right to me. So I will blog; I'm such a rebel.

In still other news, I'm switching back to hot coffee. My seasons are determined by personal signs, not the traditional chill in the air, birds on the wing, or leaves jumping off trees. You know that summer is over when I switch out my coffee drink. No more iced quad espressos.

And in more news than you'd ever want, I used italics in the place of quotes in the paragraph above because I didn't want to end up here.

*I'm allowed to use that joke because I noticed the similarity before Jon Stewart put it on TV."

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