Friday, September 19, 2008

Wheat! Bread! Yay!

I'm very happy Zoebakes has joined Twitter. I saw her following* me last night and quickly tweeted her to tell her how much I'm loving having Artisan Bread sitting in my frig, ready to bake when I get home at night. My last batch was the light wheat - delicious. I told her I want it to be wheatier and she told me to get some wheat gluten. She also told me to try Cherry Tomato Baguette with it. How did she know I LOVE cherry tomatoes? And I love my balsamic vinaigrette I reduced to yummy syrup consistency; it has a faint taste of chocolate now.

This weekend I'll use the toaster oven for my creations but it is getting cooler and soon I'll be able to make bigger batches in the regular oven.

*following is not stalking, it just means she signed up to see messages posted by me. You can follow me too but be aware I don't tweet very often.

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Jenny said...

That cherry baguette looks absolutely delicious!