Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tomato Bread

I made a new batch of bread this weekend and it is nice and wheatie. I used about 1/3 whole wheat flour. Following zoebakes' advice I bought some wheat gluten to help the rise. I added about 1 T of wheat gluten, and reduced the white flour by the same amount. The bread is wonderful and crusty and chewy.

I've mentioned before I use my toaster oven to make the bread because I don't make much at a time and I don't want to heat up the kitchen too much. Here is a picture of my oven before I add the bread. I don't have a small baking stone so I use my stoneware pie plate. The rack is on the lowest level and I've used the oven pan and rack to put the stoneware on. I add the water to the baking pan and the little oven works just like the grown up one.

Here are the pictures of the Cherry Tomato breads I made; the roll was a little thicker and softer. I used grape tomatoes and when I halved them, I squeezed out the seeds. My breads might not look quite a nice as Zoe's but they tasted great. Next time: More tomatoes!


Jenny said...

Looks great! That is genius about using a toaster oven...I never thought about that. Does it change the cooking time much? Also, I looked at that recipe and was halted because I don't have one of those baking stones. Are they expensive?

Susan said...

I think I up the time a few minutes - not more than 5. I was looking for a toaster size and found one for $17 at