Friday, September 5, 2008

The Over Under

When I arrived in Las Vegas 27 years ago I had no idea what an over/under is. For those of you who may not know, the over/under is the a game total you can bet against. So if the total on a football game is 38 you can bet whether you think the total points scored will be above or below that number. When I came to Las Vegas I was working for handicappers who bet on the over/under and I programmed their secret formula into the computer so they could more quickly 'predict' the outcome of the game.
I digress. Today CNN had this poll on their website.
Which party's convention made the stronger case for why its candidate should be elected to the White House?
Democrats 58%
Republicans 33%
Neither 9%
Let's call these the over/under numbers. Are you taking the Dems over or under 58% of the popular vote? Repubs over or under 33%?

I think most of you are taking the under on the Donkeys and the over on the Elephants so I will adjust the numbers by 1/2 of the 9% 'Neither' block giving the Rs the benefit of the doubt. That makes it:
Democrats 53.5%
Republicans 37.5%
Now where do you stand?

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Jenny said...

I think the Republicans will be over your adjusted number.