Thursday, September 25, 2008


When I went into the blogger editor today, there was a comment waiting for my approval which was very strange because I didn't think I set moderation on. I freed the comment from limbo and then realized I didn't know what post it went with. It said something like, "what about the homeowners?"

I went to the settings for blogger and saw that I had clicked the option to moderate comments that arrive 14 or more days after a post is published. I started to browse my older posts and, while I never did find the moderated comment I was looking for, I did see several comments on older posts. I will browse the help manual this weekend but if you already know how to know when new comments arrive on blogger, let me know. I typically only glance back a couple days to see if I have new comments.

UPDATED: I found the late arriving comment. It was on my bailout whine that was posted over a month ago. By my BFF anonymous.


JohnnyB said...

my comments go to my gmail

Susan said...

Thanks! Found the setting and put my email in there.